Care for the Professional Carer: support and clinical supervision


PGCE, M.A. (Couns. Psych.), DIPC
HPCSA Reg No: PS0106321
Practice No: 036 5548

Care for the Professional Carer: support and clinical supervision

To my tribe: to the change agents and helpers who have responded to the call to make a difference in their corner of a struggling world. To the psychologists, counsellors, social workers and life coaches, I see you. I see your dedication, compassion and willingness to roll up your sleeves and show up consistently for those in need of healing, support and guidance.

I see how for so many, your early experiences of being the overly-responsible and strong one all too often lend itself to perfectionism, self-doubt, and a difficulty reaching out for help. I see the imposter syndrome and anxiety that often accompanies the early years of practice, and the burn-out that can accompany if not guarded against. I see the purpose and meaningful connection, the fulfilment and growth that comes from the gifts of this work, and that that sometimes this makes it hard to tolerate the parts of life that are mundane and superficial.

I am passionate about supporting both newbie and seasoned practitioners to foster and maintain a sense of well-being, and to thrive in the important work that they do. Like everyone, we do better in our personal lives and our work when we reach out and invest time in ourselves.

I would love to assist if you desire:

  • a nurturing therapeutic space to heal, reflect and grow and keep your self (your main instrument in your work), healthy and well.
  • coaching to work on:
    • developing/ revitalising your practice (any aspect from designing your office environment, to your ideal schedule and your policies etc)
    • implementing intentional self-care practices and healthy boundaries
    • preventing and managing over-stimulation and overwhelm, especially important for those of us who identify as highly sensitive persons (HSP’s)
    • marketing your services and developing your special interests/ niche
    • developing confidence in your own style, following your inspiration, and cultivating an authentic, sustainable, fulfilling, values-centred practice
    • raising an awareness and appreciation of your unique strengths that you bring to your practice
  • clinical supervision to hone your skills, reflect on your practice and think through ethical complexities. Feel supported, clearer and more grounded in your work.



“Kerry has been supervising me since the beginning of 2019, and it has been a wonderfully

rewarding relationship. I asked Kerry to supervise me because of her experience with

narrative therapy and her positive psychology focus. I was already using some of this in my

therapy style and wanted to grow in these areas.

Kerry is warm, supportive, kind and asks extremely helpful questions. She is clear, direct,

and highly ethical and I am so grateful for her supervision which I believe has helped me to

grow as a person and as a therapist.”

  • Clinical Psychologist