About me

Hi there! I am a counselling psychologist and life coach based in Table View. I offer both in person and online therapy, life coaching and clinical supervision. I am passionate about the work that I do, and see it as significant blessing in my life. In witnessing the courage, perseverance and resourcefulness that others bring to their struggles, I am personally inspired and enriched.

Who I work with

I typically work with adults who are struggling with problems such as anxiety, depression, burnout, trauma, grief, and difficulties adjusting to stressful circumstances. I also often work with people who want to focus on self-development and particular future goals and aspirations.

I work with growth-seeking individuals who are ready to invest in:

  • becoming more intentional, present and grateful in their lives
  • becoming more self-aware, confident, and empowered
  • nurturing healthy and boundaried relationships with others or building a more secure relationship with their partner or spouse.


As Julius Caesar said,experience is the best teacher, and my own life journey has led me to especially resonate with assisting:

  •  Mental health professionals and life coaches who would benefit from support and/ or supervision (read more here).
  •  Fellow highly sensitive persons (HSPs) who want to deepen their ability to manage overstimulation and overwhelm, appreciate and maximise their strengths, and navigate lifeon more sustainable terms.
  •  Women going through matrescence: especially those contemplating having children, facing fertility issues and treatments eg IVF; journeying through pregnancy; and/or navigating life as a mom – adoptive, biological, or step – while staying connected to sustainable self-care, boundaries and supports.
  • Students who need help managing stress, time and energy, balancing work and life and developing a healthy routine.
  • Individuals who wish to incorporate creative arts techniques (such as
    writing, drawing, art or sandtray) into our work.

It’s important that I work within the scope of my training and experience, and therefore I refer out of my practice to specialist professionals for: couples therapy, eating disorders, addictions, and medico-legal/ forensic services.

My background

I have a background in education and play therapy. My work with children has involved teaching in SA and the UK, Christian youth ministry, group work in a place of safety, and child and adolescent therapy. While my practice predominantly focuses on working with adults, this has been greatly enhanced by the insights and knowledge gained from my experience working with children.

I completed my Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology at Rhodes University, which I passed cum laude. I wrote my thesis on the topic of post-traumatic growth in the context of traumatic bereavement. This reflects my broader interest in the field of positive psychology, which acknowledges the strengths and resources that people bring to their struggles with pain. I completed my internship at the Rhodes University Counselling Centre in 2007, where I provided therapeutic services to students.

I have been in full-time private practice in Cape Town since 2010. I have also participated in employee assistance programmes. In 2013 I additionally enjoyed teaching the Counselling Skills course to CTI students.

I love learning and am constantly developing my knowledge and skills with additional courses. I have delved deeply into Narrative Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy training. In 2016 I embarked on the rigorous Advanced Diploma in Practitioner Coaching course through The Coaching Centre. This has been hugely beneficial to my practice, and I have found that my experience and skills as a therapist and life coach have greatly complemented each other.

In 2017 I completed post-graduate training through Play Therapy International, which has deepened my ability to integrate creative arts techniques with individuals who are interested.

In 2019 I introduced BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) into my practice. This powerful technique has assisted in bringing relief to many of my clients who are affected by trauma and distressing events.